Saturday, August 12, 2017

T3 Part V: Thundercloud Creek to Tulita.

While we had had glorious, hot sunny weather coming up the creeks, the day after the Flood creek thunder storm, the weather turned on us.

Monday, August 7, 2017

T3 Part IV: Hell Roaring Creek to Thundercloud Creek.

Hell Roaring (yet another evocotive Nahanni country name) creek is typical of the creeks in these parts.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

T3 Part III: Grizzly Creek to Black Wolf.

Up to this point, while things had gone well, one problem we had been encountering with the heavy loads was that while Paul and Dylan in their new Gnarwhals were riding high and proud, Sky and myself, in our older Llamas, were dragging.  A lot.

T3 Part II: South Nahanni to the Broken Skull.

Sunday July 16th.
The big hike loomed large.

T3 Part I: Little Nahanni to the South Nahanni.

Saturday morning, July 15.
Anthony dropped us off just North of Flat Lakes, and we and our gear explosion blew up and loaded on the side of the road.

T3: Tungsten To Tulita.

Back in 2008, the federal government created the Nááts'ihch'oh (Porcupine in Dene) National Park Reserve.  Since then, Parks Canada has been actively promoting the virtues of the Nahanni's' shy cousin as an adventure destination.