Saturday, December 28, 2013

The blizzard of 2013

One picture is worth a thousand words.
Snow snow and more snow.  Gotta get out there and get packing or we won't have any trails to bike on.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lindeman Lake

We finally have enough snow to start getting out and getting our winter fix.
The cold temperatures were moderating and the weekend looked promising so plans were hatched to ski into the cabin at lake Lindeman on the Chilkoot trail.
Saturday AM found myself, Michelle, Kona, Loki, Anthony, Sierra, Starbuck, Dylan, Lindsey and Tyk gathered at the Log Cabin parking lot, putting on wax and getting ready to bushwack.
Heading down the railway tracks soon revealed that there really wasn't very much snow at all, but we were there, so we kept going.  Once off the tracks, there was maybe only 2' at the most, which did nothing for our ski bases.
5 hours later, after much Alder bashing, we arrived at the lower cabin and sparked up the wood stove.  It is usually a much less Alder filled ski in, but the low snow pack hadn't bent the shrubbery over yet.
Nice clear night with lots of stars and Aurora.  Dropped to -17C overnight, and the cabin was a tad chilly.
Almost the shortest night of the year, so we didn't get going until well after 10 AM.
Skiing back, you don't really break out of the shadow cast by Fraser mountain, so coming around the bend into the sun at Log Cabin was very nice.
Looking West towards Lindeman lake, which is hidden just in front of the sun lit Mt. Harvey
The lower cabin in the AM, with Mt. Harvey behind
Looking North towards Bennett lake, recent cold temps. had frozen the lake, which is early for Lindeman
Kona and Loki
Kona and Tyk the Greyhound on the ski out at about 12:30 PM
Pray for snow!