Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Duff lake to Primrose lake

As I said earlier, summer 2013 was amazing.  Here's some more fun that was had.
The original plan was to hike from the Haines road near Blanchard lake through the high country between the timber and the glaciers all the way to the Wheaton river.  We had previously made most of this hike back about 8 years ago.  I said most, half way through our dog Tua slashed her rear leg open on a rock, requiring 20 improvised stitches on the side of a mountain.  We carried her for 3 days before managing to luckily find a float plane at Primrose.  Luckily, as her leg was getting infected.
I really wanted to make the whole trip, and that's what was on deck this year, however, the Saturday we were to start, an intense Pacific low moved in, drowning the Southern Yukon/Northern BC.  We delayed until the Monday, which left us a few days short to complete the whole route, so we flew into Duff, which was about day three of the trip, then hiked out to Primrose and flew out.
Great trip, although the Mosquitoes were unusually intense for this time of year.