Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mount lorne Horseshoe

Last Sunday dawned perfectly, and after wasting Saturday working on our boat, I felt driven to get into the alpine.
Michelle had run leg 8 in the Klondike Trail of `98 Road Relay the day before, but being the machine she is, was willing to make the most of a promising fall day.
We grabbed the hound, headed off, and were cruising up the trail to Mount Lorne by 9 AM.

The day was perfect, and I do mean perfect.  Warm, very little wind, stunning colours; the best day of the fall I think.

We were on the summit by 1 PM.

Kona was mega-energized all day, hence the leash

The route traverses the summit ridge from left to right

Marsh lake in the distance

Its a shame we only get 3-4 days of fall

We arrived home after 8 hours out, and headed off to the Edgewater for a well deserved pint and a burger.
We are currently getting packed up for the fall Moose hunting trip.  More to come later.

Time To Catch Up

So August was pretty busy.  Yessir, lots going on.
First of all, my old compadre Grant and I loaded up his C-180 with gas and food and hit the mountains in search of the elusive Ovis Dalli. 
Initially we flew to "Daves Lake", but after 3 days of heinous wind, and no legal rams, we re-loaded and headed further afield.

Well compensated with great alpine vistas

The wind made for a wild take off, but we managed ok, and soon found ourselves a new lake to land on.
We spent the next day putting in lots of vertical, and horizontal too, but only saw a few groups of young rams.  Lots of ewes and lambs though. 
We theorized that the staking activity and associated helicopter use has impacted the ram population.
Remember; mining is good for us.

Pretty dramatic terrain

We spent some time scoping from camp, and found a group of rams, and were fortunate enough to be able to put it all together the next day, and harvest a nice 9 year old.

The rain moved in just about the time we finished up dressing him out, and it was two very soaked fellows who made the long walk back to camp on an overgrown horsetrail.

Thank god for Leak-Tex

A big fire, grilled Sheep tenderloin and some
 red wine made us much happier

Late August found Michelle, Malcom and myself out in the alpine on a 5 day trip, which got aborted due to lack of time for the intended route.

The wind was absolutely ferocious, and we had to make camp behind a small copse of trees.

Autumn alpine colours