Monday, April 5, 2010

When the going gets hard, the hard go for a beer.

Sad yes, but more often than not true.
I have been waiting for the "perfect" conditions for a quick jaunt into Rose lake via the Fish lake trail.  Conditions indeed did look good on Sunday.  So, plans were hatched, Tony was eager, and off we went.
Finding that  the South side of Fish lake was indeed the right side to be on instead of the NW, as we had tried earlier in March, we made great time up the lake and onto the trail proper.

The trail was in great shape and we cruised along enjoying the stiff headwind.
Once we got above timberline the drifting snow slowed things down a might, and it became apparent that there was going to be no quick mission in and out today.

We pushed in for a few more Kms, enjoying the sun and the aforementioned headwind, before turning around at Ibex lake.

Ibex mountain in the background

The ride to fish lake was pretty much all downhill, and cruising through the woops made by skidoos was pretty much a blast.
Once on the lake, I had the bright idea to follow a seemingly ideal looking snowmobile trail down the opposite side from which we came up the lake, and condemned ourselves to an hour or so of Pugsley hell.

The Pilsners were especially tasty afterwards.