Friday, May 21, 2010

Down, but not out

Ok, just to let you know, whoever you may be that actually read this shit. 
My credo is to post ADVENTURE ONLY, not what I did today (mundane BS), or what I WANT to do, but what actually went down.
Since my last bloggage, nothing but work has gone down.  But thats good, as its bolstering the bank account for much frivolity this summer.  The packraft is ready, the bikes are ready, I'M ready for gods sakes.  One week of work on the cabin, and June will be a high water  Alpacka Raft extravaganza.  Really.  Stay tuned!!! 

Ok, thats me expressing glee about the amount of work staring me in the face.  But hard work has a payoff, which is a kick-ass cabin.  Which it will be once we are done.
Soon, packrafting, hiking, biking yeah!!