Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mt. Perkins

Yet another gem in the Whitehorse area that sees no traffic, even though its right next to one of the most poplular hikes in the Whitehorse Hikes and Bikes guide.
Over the last month, we have had some friends from NZ staying with us at various times as they flew into and climbed Mt. Logan.
The last two, Mark and Chris from Queenstown, had a couple of days to kill before flying back to NZ, so we went out to the cabin on Friday night, enjoyed a lovely warm summer evening, then bagged Mt Perkins the following day.
Swims and home made pizza on the deck followed.
Another picture perfect Yukon evening

Heading up

Still lots of snow in the alpine

Gazing into the coast range

Kona wanting to herd Dall sheep

Looking down towards Needle mountain