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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Official get psyched for summer post

Right.  Since my new camera hasn't shown up yet, I'm image-less from a nice ride into Cantlie Lake yesterday.  Took Kona and an energy bar and off we went.
However, that doesn't do much for the reader, so, here is a quick photo essay of a nice trip myself and 2 friends took to "Slice" mountain.  Whether thats its name or not is unknown.  Hell, the whole Yukon is made up of unamed features.
Its down at the South end of Kusawa Lake, and if you have never been down that way, you owe it to yourself to  make the trip.  Outstanding.  Magnificent.  These words and more can be used to describe that neck of the woods.  Its a bit of a chore to get there, especially if you don't have a boat.  Easy access alpine, great beaches, good rock climbing (more or less untouched).
Looking up the lake to Ark Mountain.

Oh yeah!

Looking towards Slice mountain.

The rock actually leaves alot to be desired quality wise, cool to look at though.

On the way out.

Summers coming.........