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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not exactly adventure per se

Just a pile of work.
We have a cabin near town that needs a new roof on it, and with winter starting to close down, we figured it would be wise to get all the material in to it now before the snow goes, as we don't have road access.  So, Friday was spent gathering material, loading up, and getting out to the cabin.  Kilrich (local building material vendor) also brought out a truck load of material to add to the pile of timbers and T&G flooring I had on the tralier.
This all had to go in the .6Km to the site by snowmobile.

2x10x16' rafters made for some awkward loads.

The pile grows larger.
What I had foreseen taking the better part of 2 days actually was completed in one, and by 7PM Saturday evening, the huge pile of material was safely tarped up at the site.  That left Sunday free for cutting and hauling firewood to add to the existing pile.


The view from our deck.
So now with that out of the way, the rest of the spring is free for other, less tedious endevours.