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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bail bail!

This photo kind of sums up todays fun and games
Tony and I were off to ride the Fish Lake/Alligator loop and the weather looked promising.  We ran the shuttle, headed up to Fish lake, and were rocked by the gusts as we suited up and headed off up the lake.

Like I said, it looked great.

Tony finding his own happy place.

After battling the maelstrom for an hour or so, and losing whatever trail there was, we grew tired of it all and found shelter in a cabin where we ate our chocolate and basked in the warm sunshine streaming through the windows.  We are so weak.

The blowing snow looked nicer from in here.

Then we hopped back on the bikes and roared back down the lake, surprising some dog mushers with our unlikely presence.
The weather looks to be solid for the next week or so, so hopefully we can get this trip wrapped up soon.