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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday Creek the Right Way.

A couple of years ago, Dylan and I checked out Friday creek off the Alligator lake road.
Turned out it was a great ride in the alpine.
So good, we decided to head back to ride it the other way, which is starting at Fish lake and ending up at Annie lake.
So good.
Lots of descending on buff dog sled trails.
Paul B, Evan W, Josh D and I set off on Saturday from Fish lake.  Josh made it approximately 5 meters before snapping his Carbon fork airing off a large rock in the parking lot.
The rest of us had a great ride,ending up at our collective cabins on the Annie lake road.
Josh, you would have loved it....
Punching our way across Coal lake.

Coal Lake

Evan about to bliss out on the descent to Coal lake.  So, so good.