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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Summer 2016 Randomness

The Rabbit trip was the "Big" trip, but there were lots of other shorter trips squeezed in.

Rose River.

I had the bright idea to try to PR Seagull creek off the South Canol.  Bad deal. No water.
However, there we were on the South Canol with 4 days in hand.  Didn't want to head home, so we blew up at the Rose River bridge #5 and cast off.  The Rose is full of fun rapids, and while not terribly "remote", its still a fun 3 day paddle down into the upper Nisutlin.  The lower portion from bridge #2 to #1 is almost never paddled, and we had no intel, so it was fun exploring.
Supposedly III at normal flows.  It was low.

Gotta love river camping

Yukoners don't deal well with rain of any sort

This is some of the fun below bridge #2 which almost never sees a paddle.

More fat camping

Lounging on the flat water of the Nisutlin

Fall Moose Hunt.

Rather than hunt with the crowds, we decided to go further and deeper into the wilderness.  With that in mind, I picked up a 16' raft last winter.  The Pristine Ventures Levitator is a load hauler that drafts less than 3" with a Moose in it.  We flew into a remote lake in Grants C-180.  Snow was low on the hills and the weather mixed.
The weather cleared the next morning and we packed up and cast off.  Class III rapids spiced up the upper river but all good things must end, and we entered the swampier section.
We managed to connect with a Moose the following evening, field dressing it in pouring rain until midnight. The weather cleared and we spent the next two days in sun.