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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fat Bike Overnighter

Ah, March, when men's fancy turns to long fatbike rides on solid sled trails. 
Beers were drank, plans were hatched, and the forecast looked promising.  Saturday morning had winds, cold and new snow, but clearing was promised, so off went Tony, Paul B and I to points East.
Paul B grooving on lake LaBerge
Cold temps and moderate winds made for a chilly crossing of Lake LaBerge.  Fortunately, the snow was reasonably solid, and we only had to push once or twice.
Warming up
There was about 5cm of new snow, which made for slower going than we hoped, but the trail was rock solid underneath.
Crossing Dirty Dick lake
It's a long climb of Lake LaBerge, then a long descent into what is some very swampy terrain in the summer.
Home sweet home
We were moving slower than hoped, and uglier weather had us re-assessing our intended goal.  We changed plans and made for this cabin instead.  Remember, most cabins out there, while unlocked, are someone else's property, so leave them better than you found them, treat them with respect, and always contact the owner and flow them some sort of reimbursement.  Water was fetched, fire was lit, and BS flowed forth.
Heading out
We followed fresh dog sled tracks the next day after a great sleep and coffee/bacon for breakfast.  It snowed a bit that night, so the trail was even slower, but it was sunny and we were stoked.
Its a very hilly ride
Lots of snow back there
Lots of climbing on the way in met lots of descent on the way home
Dirt Dick lake in the sun
Gotta love riding in March
On the marge of Lake LaBerge
The lake had blow in a bit, necessitating letting air out
It only looked warm
Next weekend??