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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Evening Fat Bike Rides With A "Big" Feel

With longer daylight, and great weather, riders around Whitehorse now have more options for after work rides.  One of these evening rides that has a "Wild" feel to it far in excess of its length is the Bonneville lakes loop.
Start at the Fish lake parking lot and head up the lake.  Alternatively, you could head down the creek towards Jackson lake and do it the other way.  Starting up the lake means you have a push up to Bonneville, but you get a super fun long downhill ride.  If you do it "backwards", you have a long, mellow climb ending with a short, steep plunge down to the lake.
Pick yer poison.
Looking down to Fish Lake from the alpine

The dog sled/snowmobile trails are rock solid, and much of the snow has blown away.
Fish Lake behind the hill

Follow the often obscured trails North, then pick up the obvious track heading back towards Jackson lake.
7 PM and lots of light

There really is not much snow
Enjoy the long, whoop-de-dooed run down to the creek, then back to the parking lot.  22Km.