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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Upper Wheaton Run 2017

The Upper Wheaton Run is becoming something of a Yukon PR classic.
Not yet a trade route, as there aren't that many PR's around, but it will get there.
Paul Burbidge, aka The Surveyor General has documented this classic with many fine nug's on his exposure site .
Thanks Paul B, Josh, and Dylan for another good trip.

Hiking in Friday night after work.
Lot of snow up there....

Loving the sun.

Lots of wallowing in deep, isothermic snow.

The creek below had blown out earlier in the day.

Amazing evening light.

9PM, Friday night.

Following Sheep trails up the ridge and avoiding the snow.

More isothermal snowpack.  Making poor time and considering camping in the pass as its 10:30 PM.
No campfire in the trees tonight sadly. 

It snowed all night.

More isothermal snow for breakfast.

We would have had snow free walking the night before if we had carried on.

Radelet peak.


The views never get boring.