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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aishihik River

Yup.  That time of year again.  Break out the pack rafts.
Not much is open right now, but the Aishihik from the Yukon Energy tail race is.
Right where the tail race from the hydro site and the West Ahishihik join, its open water all the way to the Alaska highway.
Anthony, Paul B and Dylan were keen to get wet, so Saturday we headed to Canyon, stashed the bikes for the shuttle, and headed up to the put in.  The East Ashihik is still ice bound, which is fines as its probably not pack raft friendly, at least at high water.
We had to drag for about 1 Km until we hit open water.  Lots of shore ice, some debris in the water here and there.  No rapids, but we got to get in the water.
Nice bike back to the put in.  Saw a great big old wolf.  Cool.