Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finally finished the video for the north Canol trip, so grab a coffee/beer and sit back.


  1. Hey Paul!

    That is a great video! I am sending the link to my Canol hiking colleagues. Next time I do the Canol, I will use a bike too. It is so much easier than how I did it. I am surprised you didn't use Matthew Lien for the would have been more fitting. I look forward to Teutonic Tom's comments. Let's get together for a pint and some more taunts. Cheers! - Malcolm

  2. Paul,
    Malcolm sent me the video and I just watched it. Great scenery! I am mystified how you guys did it with so little carrying gear - were you on starvation rations? Also, how did you get up Trout Creek after crossing the Twitya, with bikes? We did it in 2003 on foot with backpacks, and barely made it!


  3. Great video & narrative of your trek from last summer. I have been fantasizing about hiking the Canol since I found out about the trail in 2009- maybe if I win the lottery & spend enough time training I can give it a go. Thanks for feeding the dreams of a southern boy down here in Georgia.