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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Avoidance Mode

I'm starting to hate winter.
Not the lovely February and March winter, when the days are stretching out, the sun has some real warmth to it, and you get those great, soft evenings when the light works magic on the mountains.  When there is lots of snow, well packed snow, when you can get out and ski or bike to your hearst content.
Not that winter.
I hate November and December.  November.  Too much snow to bike, not enought to ski.  Super short days.  Lots of North wind full of moisture off the lakes.  Not really cold, but you're not used to it, so it feels really cold.  Dark when you go to work, dark when you come home.  Thats the winter I hate.
To combat this, Michelle and I over the last few years have been going into winter avaoidance mode, or WAM for short.
This is accomplished by heading to New Zealand for 2 months every two years.  Right during the part of winter I hate most.  November and December.  Works out well, as its early summer down there.
Here's some photos to ease winters passage.

Biking (pushing) on the Queen Charlotte Track

Day three on the Leslie/Karamea/Wangapeka

Cobb Resevoir
Pushing up part of the Croesus track
Stewart island
Stewart island
Stewart island
Near Mt. Earnsclaw
Biking on the Wharfdale track