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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trail Breaking

Over the past two winters, I've been helping a friend cut trail into one of his trap line cabins.
Last spring, we made it about halfway before we ran out of time, right at the base of "The Big Hill".
We realised The Big Hill was going to need lots of work to get a trail up it, so this past December 4 of us made the long trip in to work on it some more.
The Skandic WT 600 is a trail breaking monster

Heavy snow and cold temperatures added challenge, but in the course of a long day we were able to cut a reasonable trail through the timber to a high bench system, where we would be able to pick up a trail the owner had cut from his cabin the past summer.
On that trip, we made it to within 100 yards (as per the GPS) before we ran out of daylight.
The Caribou swamp

Our next trip in on the by now well packed trail had us arriving at the trails end with lots of daylight left.
We cut trail through a nasty bit of Willow swamp, and promptly located the end of the cut trail from the lake.
Its big snow country, but the Skandic was in its element, and I broke trail the final two kMs to the lake, then went back to pick up the others.  There was an honest 3-4' of snow back there.
Soaking up the vitamin D at Triangle lake

Rendevous weekend, 3 of us went back again to fix up the trail some more, and perhaps put some more trail in for the trap line.
The cabin

Good trail allowed us to make good time in, clearing more brush and debris while on the move.
It was a cold weekend, but clear.

Heading out

We had a bit of a mishap on the way home when one ofe the BearCats seized a bearing on the drive shaft.
The Skandic made short work of the load though, with a B train of gear behind it.
The dog and poney show