Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mount Porsild

Mt. Porsild is the tallest peak at the South end of Kusawa lake.  At around 8500', its one of the higher peaks outside of Kluane.
Malcolm and I had tried to bag it a few years ago, but were weathered off.
So, with a good weather forecast, we loaded up the boat and headed up Kusawa to give it a whirl, but this time to do it in a day, so that we didn't have to hump heavy packs up the miserable approach.
Getting into the alpine.

Following gully's make for the easiest way to access the plateau.

Porsild makes its first appearance.

We stayed right on the talus ridge, and thence to the summit via the snow fields.

Thunderstorms and rain threatened all the way to the top.

The sky cleared giving us some great views into the coast ranges.

Someone put some work into the summit cairn.

A fast and easy descent.


Ski descent anyone?

A very cool little north face on it.

A last glimpse.  12 hours round trip with ~12000 feet of
elevation gain and loss made it feel like a fairly full day.

Loaded up and heading home.