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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another FatBike

Not so long ago, I was building a few bike frames.  It was fun, and satisfied a creative itch (not to mention trying something I had always wanted to try).  However, the market for Steel hardtails in Canada is pretty slim, so I sold all my frame building tooling to Russ from Portland.
Recently, he sent me a shot of his just completed winter bike based around 160mm Chris King hubs.
At the time, I had a dummy axle made for building around a 160 CK, as it seemed like the way to go, but now that more companies are going 170mm (like Salsa and Phil Wood) it might make more sense to head over to the 170mm axle.
Regardless, Russ did a bang up job on it.  I'm trying to get him to build me one for next winter.