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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mt Patterson

Great weather beckoned, so we packed up the boat and headed down to Tutshi lake with friends Donna from Comox, and Tracy for some hiking and exploring.
Saturday was rainy, so we hiked the old trail from Tutshi to Tagish lake, exploring old sawmill remains along the way.
Poured rain Staurday night, but Sunday was bluebird, so we headed up the "Buns of Steel" couloir and so up the ridge to Patterson.
Mt Patterson is the largest peak you can see on your left across Windy Arm as you are driving to Skagway.

Looking up Tutshi towards the Skagway road.

The area has a healthy Goat population.

Alpine strolling at its best.
Watching a Grizzly on the valley floor.

Looking towards the summit.
Looking suave on the summit
Looking along the ridge towards Tutshi

Tutshi below us,
Looking down the "Buns of Steel" couloir.
A welcome swim removed the sweat and grime.  We luxuriated in camp enjoying the weather, and some beer before packing up and heading back to Whitehorse.