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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mount Gilliam

After a lovely alpine mountain bike ride on Saturday, I felt Sunday would be a nice day for a nice hike in the alpine with Michelle, Kona and our friend Chris.  And it was!
We decided to go and bash our way up Mount Gilliam, which just so happens to be located behind, as in right behind our cabin.
The funny thing is, it seems that for many people in Whitehorse, unless it is in the Whitehorse Hikes and Bikes book, it simply just does not exist as a hiking destination.  Whatever the reason, its great for the rest of us as we never have to worry about crowds (hah!).
Lovely weather Sunday morning beckoned to us, luring us into the alpine.
The usual assortment of Willows and Dwarf Juniper barring the way.

Some sort of alpine plant.

Some sort of frothy, slobbery, hot Belgian Shepherd.

The usual gaggle of Alpine Nymphs.

More oggling of views, of which there were plenty.

I scampered out to this pinnacle and found generations of Sheep poop.  And a view as well.

We found grade A, number 1 scree sliding on the descent.  Unfortunately, it funneled us into some grade A number 1 Poplar bashing to gain the valley bottom.

All in all a lovely day out in the alpine.