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Friday, February 12, 2010

G'day and welcome to my blog

Not that i'm breaking new ground or anything, as this blog thing is pretty well established, well, pretty much everywhere, but seeing as how i enjoy reading other folks blogs about what they are up to in the great outdoors, i figured i might as well make my own contribution of my and my friends capers.
I hope you enjoy it!
So, getting down to business.
A bike so ugly, only its owner could love it:

Ground breaking?  Hardly, but i've been ruminating over the whole fat bike thing for some time now, and i figured it was time to take the plunge.  I've certainly dabbled in the winter bikeing thing for years, and 29ers were a huge leap foreward (in my own humble opinion) in the technology, but man, the Pugsleys and her offspring are like comparing the Wright Bro.s rig to a turbine Otter.

Not-So-Old school on the Old Dawson Trail; January, 2005.
Anyway, the new Pugs got her first ride yesterday, and i am blown away by how well this thing does in snow.  Granted, you stay in the granny a lot, unless its rock hard.  Walking paths are the fastest, sled trails less so, and it climbs like a Wolverine with crampons, unless its soft, then your pushing.  But so what?  Like nite riding with lights; half the speed and twice the fun.  Or less than half the speed.  But still plenty fun.
Right, 'nuff said on fat bikes, that topic gets lots of coverage on the forums.
Some shots of Kavic (Wolverine in Inuq)

Nothing like a Pink CK headset to bring out the pimp in a feller....

The Surly Mr.Whirly cranks in 185 are pretty darn nice i gotta say.  Best of all, they are compatible with most external bearing BBs.

The Endos mounted on the Viscious Cycles Graceful Fat Shebas make a serious footprint.  Some Large Marge owners have expressed rim envy, but we'll leave that one alone.
So, introductions of the Kavic out of the way, we'll end this post.  I'll be taking it out tomorrow on the Watson River trail for a day trip to see how she likes it.